Our Printers

Solid Print3D take the guess work out of choosing your next 3D Printer. We have been able to hand pick the best 3D Printing companies to partner with, taking the effort out of researching a market with over 200+ 3D printing companies looking for your business. We stay abreast of new technology and ensure we offer tried & trusted technology you can rely on.

Whether it’s a reliable budget FDM printer, a print with flexible or carbon filled materials or if you wish to print in Metal – we have you covered. We’re always available to understand you requirements and will never make a recommendation unless we fully understand your business.

About Solid Print3D

Solid Print3D are the sister company to Solid Solutions – the UK’s largest SolidWorks reseller and one of the largest resellers in the world. We support over 15,000 customers and are uniquely placed with the UK design & engineering sectors offering 3D CAD -> 3D Printing Support. No longer will you have to call 2 companies to diagnose an issue with your print: is it the STL file or the printer? We support your CAD, through the slicing software to the hardware support. 1 stop support!

We care about our customers and this is what allowed us to become a trusted partner to so many UK businesses. We would love to hear from you.


Get Advice On The Right 3D Printer For Your Business

Which is the right printer for you?

Whether this is your first foray into 3D Printing, or if you are a 3D Printing veteran, choosing the right printer for your requirements can be a daunting task. With acronyms seemingly appearing every week and the industry rapidly moving forward it can be difficult to understand the technology and which is going to be best for you. On the right we have asked some typical questions you will need to think about:

What is the maximum size you will need to 3D Print?

3D Printers come in all shapes and sizes, from 500mm cubes to 1m cubes. Thinking about the maximum size of what you are likely to need to print over the life of the printer may save you having to make another purchase further down the road. 

Does your product need specific mechanical properties?

Over the last 5 years, 3D Printing has moved on rapidly, but more significantly so have the materials you can now print with. Gone are the days of just producing prototypes, you can now produce functional parts, with the mechanical properties needed for end use design. 

Do you need high detail finished items?

What is the surface finish of the parts you need? If you need a part to have the appearance of an injection moulded part you may want to look at Resin printing. If the finish is of lesser importance, traditional FDM might be a better solution.

Lifetime costs of the printer

3D Printers are typically costed on an ROI (Return On Investment) over a 3 year period. The maintenance, support, warranty & ongoing costs of consumables, like resins, tanks, filaments & build plate should be a consideration when you choose which is the best fit for your project.